Estratégia e Branding

Augusto Nascimento – Consultor, Palestrante e Empresário

Vending: Organic growth for Marketing and Branding

Although Marketing theoreticians and academics have written things such as “if marketing were done correctly and without error, selling would be unnecessary” (yes, one of the major marketing authorities wrote this sentence, probably at his theoretical peak…) For this to … Continuar lendo

BRAND CONTENT: “Freemium” and other brand new things from the 70s and 80s!

Decades ago consumers bought magazines to have access to content and information. They turned on their TVs and radios for entertainment and information. The means carried the content and, as a sidekick, advertising. The latter paid for the unbiased news. … Continuar lendo

Branding and Social Media: Does you company live in the past or in the present?

Social Media vs. Mass Media: Some people are still discussing that… Fortunately most large and medium size companies are experimenting. There are no set authorities in this field and anyone who claims to know-it-all, can certainly be “committed”. Everybody is … Continuar lendo

Branding, Marketing and Vending: A multispecialty that can create Value and Profit for companies.

Marketing and Branding are not specialties with a defined body of knowledge that can be learned in college and practiced during the professional or corporate life. They simply aren’t! Despite the fact that there are renowned books on these subjects … Continuar lendo

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