Estratégia e Branding

Augusto Nascimento – Consultor, Palestrante e Empresário

Facebook’s anti-branding attitude

The Director of Solutions can’t see any, thus he criticizes agencies and the market.

It is almost the end of February when I read the statement of the director of Creative Solutions for Facebook, Raphael Vasconcelos. He firmly said that … Continuar lendo

4 Important Communication Moments – Part A

There was a time, many many years ago, when advertising agencies offered every single marketing service to Factories and Retailers (at the time they didn’t have much structure or departments). Factories were like small workshops and retailers were small sellers. … Continuar lendo

BRAND CONTENT: “Freemium” and other brand new things from the 70s and 80s!

Decades ago consumers bought magazines to have access to content and information. They turned on their TVs and radios for entertainment and information. The means carried the content and, as a sidekick, advertising. The latter paid for the unbiased news. … Continuar lendo

Branding Programs: Financial aspects should set the standards.

I have received a few comments here about Brand Value. People are wondering about the relationship between Branding and Finance and even though I may sound repetitive I must insist the term “BUSINESS BRANDING” is far wider than just “Branding”.… Continuar lendo