Estratégia e Branding

Augusto Nascimento – Consultor, Palestrante e Empresário

Facebook’s anti-branding attitude

The Director of Solutions can’t see any, thus he criticizes agencies and the market.

It is almost the end of February when I read the statement of the director of Creative Solutions for Facebook, Raphael Vasconcelos. He firmly said that … Continuar lendo

Brand Mission and Omission – 3/3

If I were Abril I would create an irresistible learning material for every primary and secondary schools to give a good English foundation to every Brazilian citizen. I would even create something for universities and colleges and even for post-graduation … Continuar lendo

Brand Mission and Omission – 2/3

I would like to take back the topic of my last article about Brand Mission and Omission. HSM, after a few years and very seriously, launched the HSM Management magazine, and then they created the HSM Portal. Finally HSM … Continuar lendo

Brand Mission and Omission – 1/3

What is well done and what still needs to be at Abril publishing and in many other companies.

A lot of companies consider being in the business of “what they make and sell”. Let’s consider some examples in the media … Continuar lendo

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