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Augusto Nascimento – Consultor, Palestrante e Empresário

Is the new World Cup poster “inspired” by Unilever’s logo?

The poster for the World Cup that will take place in 2014 in Brazil has been chosen! And oh, it is beautiful! It has many elements that represent the Brazilian culture and its many aspects. There are hundreds of small … Continuar lendo

FREE: Download the 5 ABA BRANDING manuals

Today I would like to discuss a couple of points:

Firstly I would like to show you THE RESULTS: The 5 manuals on BRANDING launched by ABA to assist the Brazilian market. It is the fruit of the hard work … Continuar lendo

The 3 types of logo: Which is best for your brand?

When people talk about logos they often question which is the most suitable for their companies. Everyone has an opinion, including myself despite 30 years of reading, observing and listening theories about logo design. I have even taken part on … Continuar lendo